MOSFILM DAYS / 8-11 May 2014

MOSFILM DAYS / 8-11 May 2014

New and classical movies from Russia's biggest film studio founded 90 years ago

Almost all screenings in Russian with Hungarian subtitles - for details, please, check the related films below


Mosfilm needs no special introduction because it has been the largest film industry association in the world for many decades.

The history of this huge film "city" which is situated on the Vorobyov Hills began long ago in 1920. The famous image – the sculpture "Worker and Peasant Woman" by V.Mukhina in front of the Spasskaya tower – appeared for the first time in 1947 in the film "Spring" by Grigoriy Alexandrov. But there were also different versions of emblem... Over the years, Mosfilm studios has produced more than 2500 films and several generations of viewers were brought up with these films. Many of them are included in the world treasury of cinematography and have won prizes at many festivals all over the world. 

Over the last nine years, Mosfilm has been actively upgrading its production facilities and technical resources. The studio remains faithful to its creative traditions and continues to be the largest production studio in Europe.

From 8 to 11 May, Mosfilm is represented at Urania Natgional Film Theatre with 12 new and classical movies, among them the almost 8 hours long War and Peace.

Maszkviselés és egyéb járványügyi intézkedések

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